The art of preserving seeds of peoples

In the orchards, the daily ceremonies are defined by lunar cycles, plantings and transplants, accompanied by prayers, and words of welcome to the new plant.

The seeds have challenged the traditional concept of agriculture as a simple living museum; They are a constant challenge to the classification and often respond to a careful selection process, observation and analysis of the characteristics they develop seeds and plants in a particular place.

The testimonies of women curators of seeds and experiences to the discovery or awareness of the trade are similar. Many began in childhood, from curiosity and cultural reaffirmation.

The seed curators women were guided by a member of their families (mothers, grandmothers or mothers-).

"My work with plants and seeds I learned from my mommy, learned to know as herbal remedies for health. I learned as a child, my mother taught me to work in the garden ... and it was as well. These teachings, especially those having to do with the seeds from the garden and farm, and also those I taught my oldest daughter who is with me, just as it did with me mommy and she also teaches my granddaughter "( Antinao Marta Rios, community Ailio Nicholas II, Gorbea).

It is common to see reproductions of the community gardens, hidden in gardens and yards into neighborhoods, Mrs. Marcelina account in this regard:

"Since childhood I like the garden (...) my mom always liked the garden, she planted even though we had no water where we lived, we had to go get water away (...) I taught my little girls, even if they now they are in town, but always in a corner of the house planted. They left huerteras good "(Marcelina Ailiao Naipio, community Ailio Nicholas II, Gorbea).

Talk or sing when plants grow, it is an everyday practice in peasant gardens. Prune them or care for them in the greenhouse or plant a field agrestre are handling that allow the plant to adapt to different realities of the community. Mrs. Cecilia says about it:

"With the legacy of my mother I was using the same planning and herbs here in the country that are at hand, that was sensational. Care of the plants I like not having yellow leaves, know the plants according to their variety, they are well placed, they are at ease. I talk to them, because when they are not well get sad, developed, not grow, torment "(Maria Cecilia Ailio Pilquinao, community Ailio Nicholas II, Gorbea).

Women farmers have a fundamental role, since it is they who have developed a meticulous and quiet work that allowed preserve, recreate and especially defend the art of healing seeds.

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